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Application and characteristics of automatic cutting machine

Release time:2020-06-05 source:Yihua shoes Technology Research Co., Ltd

Automatic cutting machine is an indispensable equipment in some light industry. In the traditional concept, the full-automatic cutting machine is a kind of machine that uses the force of machine movement to press on the cutter die to punch non-metallic materials. Some changes have taken place in the modern automatic cutting machine, and advanced technologies such as high-pressure water beam and ultrasonic wave have been used in leather punching technology, but people still sum up these equipment in the cutting machine category.

Application scope of automatic cutting machine: suitable for punching and cutting non-metallic materials such as foamed materials, cardboard, textiles, plastic materials, leather, rubber, packaging materials, floor materials, carpets, fiberglass, cork, etc. with the help of punching pressure generated by the machine through the cutter die.
Cutting equipment with high degree of automation include: mobile head cutting machine controlled by computer, laser cutting machine (oscillating cutter), high-pressure water beam cutting machine and computer cutting machine. In addition, USM company of Italy and UK produces a kind of projection cutting machine. The cutting table of this equipment is equipped with oscillating cutter and visual observation device, which is used to scan the contour of leather, or project on leather to guide the cutter to arrange the nesting of cutting sample on leather.
1、 According to their transmission mode, structure and use
1. According to the transmission form:
A. Mechanical transmission cutting machine: it is a relatively old type of machine.
B. Hydraulic cutting machine: it is a modern general cutting machine. According to the age, it can be divided into the first generation of plane guide rail hydraulic cutting machine, the second generation of ordinary four column hydraulic cutting machine, the third generation of precision four column hydraulic cutting machine and gantry mobile hydraulic cutting machine.
C. Full automatic cutting machine: processing the whole leather or textile by sandwich method.
D. Automatic computer typesetting cutting machine: it is a more advanced cutting machine in modern times. It can cut according to the input program without using knife die. The cutting source is a high pressure water beam generator.
E. Computer controlled ultrasonic cutting machine: the control form is similar to that of water beam cutting machine, and the cutting source is ultrasonic generator.
2. According to the structure:
A. Rocker cutting machine: the punching parts are swing rocker, suitable for punching leather, natural materials, artificial leather and other non-metallic materials.
B. Gantry moving cutting machine: the punching parts are the punching heads that can move left and right along the crossbeam. The cutter die can be fixed on the punching head or placed on the processed object. The punch of large-scale and computer-controlled gantry cutting machine is equipped with a tool mold base that can rotate, and the corresponding tools can be selected according to the program layout; of course, the corresponding automatic feeding mechanism is required.
C. Double side feeding cutting machine: it is different from gantry type cutting machine in that the crossbeam is directly punched and there is no movable punching head. Plate cutting machine can be divided into two categories: beam fixed or beam can be moved back and forth and table slide plate can be moved back and forth.
Hydraulic plane cutting machine
D. Four column precision cutting machine: double oil cylinder, four column automatic balance connecting rod structure.
3. According to the purpose of processing parts:
A. Special cutting machine: suitable for Blister processing.
B. Horizontal cutting machine: suitable for processing tire materials.


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